Monday, August 21, 2017

The Stigma that Martial Arts Encourages Fighting?

What is up with the current stigma that teaching Martial Arts to kids will encourage them to fight?

I am consistently hearing parents say they don't want their kids to learn Martial Arts because they don't want them to learn to fight.  And I am constantly hearing from kids, that their parents won't let them do Martial Arts for this same reason.  But these same kids do baseball, football, and soccer.  I am very confused why Martial Arts teaches more aggressive behavior than these other sports.

I though Martial Arts taught you how to defend yourself so that you don't have to fight.

I thought Martial Arts was about finding and developing Self-Control.

I thought Martial Arts helps develop your confidence so you can let bully insults fly by.

I thought Martial Arts teaches you de-escalation techniques so that you can prevent a physical altercation.

I thought Martial Arts develops your strength, balance, coordination, mind skills, life skills, and helps prevent Alzheimer's in Adults.

I know I have had students stand-up to their peers when they have been bullied.

I know I have had students stand-up for a friend that was being picked on physically.

I know I have had students improve their listening and focus in the academic classroom.

In 24 years of teaching Martial Arts, I have never been called by a parent or principal because one of my students got into a fight.

I know I have had students come to me or my coaches and ask tips for dealing with early bullying and teasing.  And I am happy to say these students have come back to class proud that the tips helped and the bullying and teasing diminished.

I know we have strict rules for our students about fighting and using their Martial Arts for anything other than defending themselves.

So, where is this stigma coming from? Why are parents so hesitant to put their kids in martial arts and especially self-defense focused classes?


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