Thursday, March 9, 2017

Learning Struggles - I get it.

I struggle learning? I struggled learning how to read and spell in elementary school. I struggled learning how to land an airplane (but after much study and practice, I finally got it). As an airline pilot, I struggled learning systems of new airplanes and would have to study longer and harder than everyone in my class. I struggled to enjoy sparring as a young Orange Belt new to sparring in karate. And now I am struggling to learn more advanced Jujitsu skills.

Sometimes I wonder if my learning struggles are a result of my learning characteristics or my teacher's failure to teach effectively. Or maybe a little of both. I know I learn slightly different than the majority. As I reflect, I realize I definitely pick and choose my instructors whenever I can. If an instructor fails to be able to modify, adapt to a learner, or teach multiple ways, then I struggle. When my own money is paying for that instructor, then I find an instructor that works for me. In the past when I haven't had the chance to choose my instructor than I have dug deep and used the martial arts principle of Perseverance (or was it me being stubborn). Either way, maybe this is why Perseverance is my favorite principle.

I could go on about my learning struggles for a long time, but instead, let me tell you that I get it.

I GET IT if you struggle to learn.

I GET that not everyone learns the same.

I GET that as an instructor I can't just teach one size fits all.

I GET that I need to tailor my teaching style for you.

Maybe all my struggles in learning are the reason why I imaged I would be a teacher when I was a young kid.

Maybe that is why I completed the process to become a Certified Martial Arts Instructor (under ACMA).

Maybe that is why I became a Certified Master Aviation Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, MCFI).

Maybe that is why I went to school to learn about teaching and completed my Master's Degree in Education (M.Ed).

If you are struggling to learn in one of my classes that I am teaching, please let me know. I will take the time to figure out how you learn best.

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