Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Goals of Our Children's Program

This picture shows some of the benefits your kids will develop through their martial arts training with us.

It is easy to say our program achieves these objectives, but what is the proof that makes us different than other martial arts school in your area?

Develop Life Skills

  • Monthly Warrior Challenges - One way your kids will achieve these skills is through monthly Warrior Challenges. For example, this month (June) is Fitness. By completing this warrior challenge your kids will develop a lifelong attitude to good health, but they will also develop the discipline to complete the task and dedication by sticking to a goal.
  • Mat Chats - Another way your kids will develop these skills is through Mat Chats. These are short 3-5 minute discussions about our Martial Arts Principles and Values, such as discipline, respect, confidence, focus, integrity, and self-control. During these chats, your kids will learn ways to apply the life skill at home, school, and work.  We will also discuss how to use these skills in social situations, family interaction, and, of course, in the martial arts classroom.
  • Bully Situations - Your kids will first develop self-defense skills and then will develop the "cool" martial arts skills. Self-defense is our first priority and focus. This is the reverse of many martial arts schools that teach this in reverse and have students who can't really defend themselves until they are black belts or beyond. Your kids will learn how to deal with "bully" and "bad guy" scenarios from day one. Your kids will learn how to deal with a bully without having to create a physical altercation, but if needed they will have the skills to defend themselves against a physical attack. Your kids will learn a variety of skills from stand-up defense and ground defense.  They will learn skills to defend an attack without kicking and punching through wrestling and grappling, but they will have strong striking skills to use if needed against a "bad guy."

Achieving Goals

  • Sharpen Mental Focus - Goals don't have to be things that take your kids weeks, months, or years to achieve.  Goals can be simple. We teach your kids to break down a larger goal into smaller goals to make the larger goal easier to achieve. For example, one of our students has ADHD and is working on improving his focus. We consistently work with him and his parents to find ways to give him tools to help improve his focus. It may take years before his focus is equivalent to a student without ADHD. If we compare him to other students and set a goal to this standard, it would not be fair to him or the other students.  Instead, we set micro goals to help him learn to control his focus. We have found music is one way that helps him, so we turn on a very rhythmic beat in class to help direct his attention. He also has done amazing when asked to balance on a bosu ball and do kicks and punches. This requires hyper focus on this balance and allows him to filter out other distractions and concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Developing Discipline to Stay on a Task - There are many tools we use to teach your kids self-discipline. Each belt and level have specific requirements and skills that must be learned and practiced. Many times there are "Warrior Challenges" (see explanation above) that must be completed in order to earn the next belt. These requirements are always manageable and appropriate for the age of the student.  By meeting these requirements, your kids learn how to set goals and develop the discipline to complete tasks towards a goal.  Some tasks are more simple than others. Some may require a few days where others will require a few weeks of work to achieve, which will help your kids "develop the self-discipline to stay on a task."
  • Shaping a Generation of Leaders - Ultimately, our goal for your child is not for them to achieve black belt, but to develop the skills to be successful in life.  The path to black belt is a tool to help develop these life skills. Through the steps to black belt, your child will learn how to "plan and obtain long-term goals."   Here is what one parent said about our approach. "We just wanted to thank you for your martial arts approach and philosophy of ‘creating a generation of Leaders’.  [Our daughter] was one of 25 students that got invited to interview for the highest [college] scholarship awards. All three scholarships are looking for ‘leaders’."  -Parent of two Black Belt Students.  There daughter went on to be awarded this college scholarship.

Physical Skills

  • Practical Self Defense Skills - Developing self-defense skills is the priority in our physical skill curriculum. Your kids will walk out of every class with one more self defense skill in their tool box. Unlike many martial arts programs, our curriculum is constantly evolving, so that your kids will learn the most practical self-defense skills from modern martial arts.  (See "Bully Situations" above for a description of skills your kids will learn).

  • Coordination, Strength, & Balance - Your kids will naturally develop these physical skills in their classes. We tailor activities to develop these skills to your kid's abilities and age.  Younger students primarily develop these skills through balancing on our beam, crawling through the tunnel, and playing games that encourage running, jumping, stepping, balancing, and wrestling with parents. Your older kids will develop these skills through more advanced games and activities as well as through the practice of martial arts skills like kicking, blocking, and grappling.   

These are just a few samples of ways we will help your kids develop Physical and Life Skills and help them Achieve their Goals. With a Master's Degree in Education, you can believe that we have the knowledge and skills to help your kids blossom.

Thank you, Kovar Systems for developing this poster and Mr. Fariborz Azhakh for sharing.

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