Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Devloping The 3-C's: Courage, Confidence, and Composure

"Dad, my stomach hurts."

Butterflies get us all.  Yes kiddos, even adults get butterflies. Isn't it cool that you and your kids get to learn to deal with nervous butterflies as a student of the martial arts, and you don't have to wait until adulthood to deal with these feelings?

Flight or Flight is a natural response to stress.  Check out this video to see why we have this natural response.

Image result for karate demoYes, I purposely create events that generate elevated levels of stress to help students learn to deal with positive stress in a safe, fun environment. Our events like our Level Promotion Ceremonies, Games and Demo events are all safe events I design to develop the life skills of Courage, Confidence, and Composure (aka - the 3-C's). 
Don't worry, as a M.Ed (Master in Education), I know how to encourage your kids to push just a bit more than they would push themselves. But I am very careful not to over stress a student to the breaking point. This is what is great about our "Family Academy" environment. Our school is just the right size, where I know you and your kids well, and can create an event that is designed just right for their current skills level. Schools with 100+ students and a "Master" who only performs Belt Exams or teaches just the "senior" students, can't create this effective learning environment designed perfectly for you.

And you can be assured that if I am encouraging you to work on the 3-C's, I will ask myself to do the same. So when I ask you to perform at a big event, I will perform as well (when appropriate). Yes, I get nervous performing in front of people too, even after 24+ years of martial arts training. But, without learning how to overcome the Flight or Flight response at a young age (I started martial arts at the age of 11), I would never have been able to become an Airline Pilot. Trust me, being a female Airline Pilot and FFDO (Federal Flight Deck Officer) demands performance in many stressful situations. And you can bet, I borrow from these experiences and others, to create a safe, fun, and slightly stressful event that will help you (and your kid) succeed in life.

Remember our Moto - "The Journey is the Award" and know that we are "Shaping a Generation of Leaders."

Keep Flighting,

Sifu S

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