Sunday, August 14, 2016

What am I Willing to do for my Black Belt?

I am willing to do a lot for my black belt.  I am not sure that writing a list will do it justice. But, I do know that telling you what I am not willing to do will help you understand. I will not jeopardize my schooling or education [FYI - required to keep good grades for black belt]. I will not choose my black belt over my cello [FYI - she is the president of the cello club and is earning her black belt leadership hours through this position], and I obviously will not hurt anyone. My education is very important to me and my parents. My cello is my stress relief, and I can honestly say that if I didn't have it I would not last very long in the Black Belt Cycle.

I am confident enough to say that I am  willing to drop a social event or even my job [part-time summer/after school job].  At 17, I am not financially responsible, but I am dedicated to martial arts, so if I need more time, my job would be the first thing I would drop. I am willing to brave the frustration and tears that come with this test of character, and I know that there will be a lot of them.

Instructor's Note: She passed her Pre-Test 1 will 100%!

- NB, Black Belt Candidate.

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